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Ethiopians & Rastafari
Aster Sellassie, Millennium Ed.

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2009 notes

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Without turning those pages into LUL space, I cannot not to think about Addis: if by now there is no Ethiopian middle class, my theatre will be just a forengi toy... Yes, there are public, as much as some Ethiopia cultural elite, but not the audience that could give birth to NEW theatre. New = with new aesthetics.

... not only "Ethiopian professionals" but simply "middle class" and "new rich" [Moscow Art Theatre couldn't be born without the New Russian at the turn of the twentieth century].

How many? Many thousands.

Many other theatres...

Many students.

A lot of them.

No Theatre without Society!

Even "high society"...

"Critical Mass" -- is it there?

Is there a "society" or "mass" [like in USA]?

My vtheatre got another meaning for "V" -- not virtual, bur variety. Here we go, Meyerhold! Burlesque? Circus. Again? What is different now?

Chorus Line [ images ]
Connection between Chorus Line and Diaspora.ET ... Themes: XX century was the era of wars and exile, XXI -- "global" as "American" arrived everywhere [pop-culture/technology]. No need for migration when the world is everywhere? "Local" disappears. The different.

... Many places and faces. Against the SAME. "Ethiopia Ideas" -- filmplus.org/album [Ethiopian Diaries]

The end of running. As in in the past: study somewhere and return "home"...

What is home?

... Earth as home in the third millennium (of cosmos).

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teatr.vtheatre.net/seasons/notes -- Theory & Praxis : time to test my thoughts about Ethiopia. What is "Ethiopian"? Chorus Line, Janhoy -- and even small shows: what is this new theatre? Live vs. Virtual, which is live, also?

Africans? Or in Africa, like Egypt. "Middle East"?

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