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Ethiopians & Rastafari
Aster Sellassie, Millennium Ed.


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Diaspora [ 2 ] as Theme

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Ethiopiawinet -- "Ethiopianess"
ethnic Kilil and ethnocentrism

Federalism [American Lessons]

Ethiopianism Online Revival


Defining Ethiopiawinet and Ethiopianism

The term Ethiopianism appears to predate the term Ethiopiawinet.

The meaning of Ethiopiawinet seems to be identified with Ethiopianism and 
it was said that the term ethiopiawinet was used by the late Ethiopian 
Emperor Haile Selassie to describe the virtues of the divine nature of a 
multi-cultural Ethiopia, tolerant and economically flourishing.

Ethiopianism has been described by several online encyclopedias as a
religious and political revivalist movement since the 1600s when African 
slaves in the Americas identified their origin as Ethiopian and 
sawredemption returning to this ancient land.

The discovery of Black Jews in Africa in the 1800s in a region independent 
from European colonialism helped properly "locate" Ethiopia, which situates 
where some ancient Greek writers had previously stated.

The  writings of Marcus Garvey in the early twentieth century, and the
English translation of the Kebra Negast inspired new chapters to the
Ethiopianism legacy.

Haile Selassie is glorified by later Ethiopianism revival groups although 
the Emperor was described by author William Scott as doing very little to 
harness the energies of Ethiopianism that were agitating support for 
Ethiopia.  Leonard Barrett, author of "Ethiopianism in Jamaica" estimates 
that there were some 6,000 Ethiopianism revivalist groups throughout the 

The new Ethiopianism revivals

The recent discoveries of Lucy and other fossils by paleontologists whom 
have identified Ethiopia as the cradle of human evolution, as stated in 
Genesis 2:13; and the publication of books such as Graham Hancock's "Sign 
and the Seal" and Antonia Marcia's 1999 publication "Ethiopia: Biblical 
Mystery Made Plain" have contributed toward reviving Ethiopia's 
metaphysical significance through modern interpretation and new evidence to 
validate Ethiopia's divinity.

There is no doubt the horrific events that have ravaged Ethiopia in the 
past three decades parallel the biblical prophecies associated with this 
nation, and further efforts must be made to help the  worldwide religious 
communities recognize this emerging religious phenomenon.

Ethiopianism.com and Ethiopianism.org seek to contribute in reviving this 
movement and assisting in helping restore justice and democracy to 

Ethiopianism - When Myth Becomes Reality.

Here's a list of articles on Ethiopianism.

Mythical Pasts: Ethiopianism as a Revitalization Movement

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Dread History: The African Diaspora, Ethiopianism, and Rastafari

Holy Zion! A Study of Ethiopianism in Rastafarianism with a
Focus on the Concept Of Ethiopia as Zion Jennifer Skowera

Ethiopianism "Princes come out of Egypt, Ethiopia stretches
forth her hands unto God.". Psalm 68, v.31.

AFRICA-- 1867-1898

Ethiopianism and Afro-Americans in Southern Africa, 1883-1916

George Shepperson "Ethiopianism: Past and Present"

Ethiopianism: Re-writing the Curse of Ham

Ethiopianism :-. The New Encyclopaedia Britannica,

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