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Not much, judging by the "New Russians"...

Or the new Americans, as matter of fact.

Is it the subject for "Book of Fool, 3"?

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This song is sung by Tewodros Abera AKA Teddy Ab. He is Ethiopian and the first Ethiopian artist to be nominated on an international music award Kora All Africa Music Awards as best East African Artist. His e-mail is orthoteddy at yahoo dot com.
Added: July 11, 2007 [ youtube ]
Film Director Tikher Teferra of EXODUS FILMS brings you M.S.M. LIVE! from Addis Ababa! The best Ethiopian Music video of the year! Shoot in Ethiopia for the Millennium!
Directed by: (tikhert@yahoo.com) or (www.exodusfilms.info -- no website)
http://www.nazret.com/blog/index.php?blog=14 videos

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